anatomy mcq on cardiac muscle

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Cardiac muscle cannot be tetanized because of :

a. the presence of high intercellular Ca ions

b. the presence of high K ions

c. cardiac muscle is absolutely refractory

during part of cardiac cycle

d. cardiac muscle is absolutely refractory

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anatomy mcq || heart

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the syncitial function of the heart depends on the presence of :

a. gap junctions and intercalated discs

b. light and dark filaments

c. Z-lines

d. actin and tropomyosin

see the comments to know the right answer

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Chemistry exam online

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Chemistry Exam

Pept.of Biochemistry Biochemistry

College of Medicine Time: 2 Hours

Date :18/2/2007

Mid-Year (Reset) Exam,

For 2nd Year Students

Question 1: (20 Marks)

a. Write down in schematic view Vitamin K cycle.

b. Write on the role of vitamin A in vision (Illustrate your answer schematically).

Question 2: (5 Marks)

Write on:

a. Enzymatic changes in patient with skeletal muscles disease.

b. Isozymes of Acid phosphatase.

Question 3: (10 Marks)

Define the following:

a. Isozymes.

b. Coenzymes

Question 4: (26 Marks)

a. In a schematic way give the steps involved in the denovo synthetic pathway of pyrimidine nucleotides.

b. A segment of a peptide having the structure Meth Asp is to be synthesized :

1. Explain the steps involved in the synthesis (genetic code of AspGAU)

2. Give the sequence of nucleotides of the DNA segment directing the synthesis.

Question 5: (39 Marks)

Answer only THREE of the following:

a. Show the sequence of the respiratory chain. Write on the theories for ATP production in the respiratory chain.

b. Briefly write on the main functions of bile salts (Illustrate by scheme).

c. Schematically show the fatty acids oxidation other than (3-Oxidation.

d. Enumerate the nutritional factors that may cause fatty liver syndrome and discuss one of them.

Good Luck

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Genetics reportage

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genetics reportage pictureThese days I was preparing small reportage about genetics , it is usefull for college or school , all you need to do is downloading this small pdf file about Genetics

to download the Gebetics pdf file click here

You will need Adobe Reader program you could get it from here

I am saying it again if you need medical MCQs on ( Anatomy , Histology, Biochemistry , Embryology and Physiology ) you can simply post your comment here and inform me.

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